Teaching Factory Physics Flow Benchmarking with R and Many-Objective Visuals

Teaching to seasoned managers in MBE classes is challenging. While it’s important to bring new thoughts and ideas and not sound repetitive, it is necessary to provide a theoretical basis for experienced people with diverse backgrounds. One of the strategies I found to overcome these obstacles this week was to use a new analysis framework (in my case, Factory Physics concepts) to challenge their views about existing frames they already master.

Making Sense of Simulation Models with Metamodels Part 1 - Low-Order Polynomials with Arena and R

This is part 1 of a series of posts in which I will explore the utility of using metamodels to make sense of (and possibly optimizing) simulation models. If you used simulation modeling on a real project, you might be familiar with this fictional story: You spent long hours building and refining your simulation model (eg.: a Discrete Event Model). Hopefully, you are confident that it can yield reliable results.

Strategic Decision Making in the 3D Printing Industry - 2018 DMDU Annual Meeting Materials

This post contains materials related to the the presentation given at the 2018 DMDU Annual Meeting. Full Master’s Thesis: Donwload Here. Slides: Donwload Here. Poster: Donwload Here.