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Hi! Welcome to my personal werbpage! I’m an Assistant Policy Researcher at RAND and a Ph.D. candidate at Pardee RAND Graduate School. You will find updated information about my professional background and RAND-related work here. My interest in R started in 2013 when I was first introduced to it by a professor. Since then, I’ve been using R for virtually everything. From statistical/ML applications to simulation packages (e.g., Arena2R), to modeling competition within the 3D printing industry, R has been my go-to language. In this blog, you will find some R code and tech/R/analytics-related posts that I would like to share with the R community and are not appropriate for a paper. If you find any of this helpful and would like to connect, let me know!


  • Simulation Modeling / Optimization
  • Decision Under Uncertianty
  • R Programming


  • Ph.D. in Policy Analysis, 202X

    Pardee RAND Graduate School

  • Msc in Production Engineering, 2017

    UNISINOS University, Brazil

  • Bsc in Production Engineering, 2015

    UNISINOS University, Brazil

Recent & Upcoming Events

Seeking Robust COVID-19 Response and Adaptation Strategies
COVID-19 and Deep Uncertainty




Policy Research Assistant | Ph.D Candidate

RAND Corporation | Pardee RAND Graduate School

Sep 2019 – Present Santa Monica, CA

I’ve been working on many exciting policy research projects, usually using R and simulation modeling to build decisions support tools. These projects include:

  • Modeling COVID-19 and building a decision support tool;
  • Modeling and Visualizing the Economic and Health effects of improved diet quality;
  • Up-to-date information about my RAND work can be found here.


UNISINOS University

Feb 2018 – Jun 2019 RS, Brazil

Taught the following disciplines in undergraduate and MBA classes:

  • Simulation Modeling (Discrete Event Simulation & Systems Dynamics);

  • Operations Research - Linear Programming;

  • Information Systems Management;

  • Operations Management.

  • Advised undergraduate and MBA students in their capstone research projects, one of which received the Best Brazilian Production Engineering Undergraduate Dissertation Award from ABEPRO (2019).


Research Assistant

GMAP | Unisinos Research Group

Jun 2013 – Feb 2018 RS, Brazil
  • Developed a Monte Carlo Simulation package in R for cost-benefit analysis of Organizational Safety and Health Initiatives;
  • Developed a competition dynamics model for the Professional Additive Manufacturing Industry;
  • Developed a model of global competition between iron ore producers, taking into account regional comparative advantages and detailed substitution dynamics among different iron ore types;
  • Conducted Business Process Modeling of productivity and innovation induction programs for government agencies in Southern Brazil.

Rede Industrial


Jun 2013 – Jan 2009 RS, Brazil
  • Oversaw SIGMA’s (a CMMS) software development and support teams;
  • Conceptualized most of the new features included in the 2012 release, including the SIGMA’s interagration module, Sigma SMS module and SIGMA’s Android App;
  • Conducted software requirements analysis for internal and external clients;
  • Developed SQL queries for database reporting and bug troubleshooting.

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